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What to do when you have a broken glass window – Mr Misty Emergency Glass Repairs Ipswich

Broken Window ‘First Aid‘ Tips from Mr Misty, The Window Doctor for Emergency Glass Repairs in  Ipswich, Suffolk and Essex 

Discovered a broken window in your Suffolk home or business? Had an accident, break in or just a spot of bad luck? What’s the first thing you should do – apart from not panic? How do you know if a damaged window needs replacing immediately, or whether a forced window lock or patio door can be repaired?

At Mr Misty we have been experts in double glazing repairs for many years and are proud to offer Emergency Glass Repairs in Ipswich, Suffolk and Essex. Whether you’ve had a window smashed and broken - or even just cracked or chipped by a freak stone thrown up by a lawnmower – we can help. 

Our competitively priced emergency glazing and boarding up service is there if you need it and we can repair or replace most window and glazed door locks too. We’ll soon secure your property for you, making it as safe as houses again.

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Swift Action Required – Recognising all the dangers of broken glass

A broken or shattered window pane is more than just an inconvenience. Depending on where it is located, it can compromise the security of your property or let in the wind, rain and elements, leaving your home prone to water ingress which could quickly damage carpets and soft furnishings as well as the very fabric of your property.

Then there’s the danger of the broken glass itself – left in the frame or scattered around where the damage has occurred. This will be an equal concern especially if it is an area where family or employees usually need to access. 

The type of paned glass will dictate whether there are shattered chips, chunks or shards and often how far they may have travelled on impact.

As well as the obvious glass debris you can see immediately, there will most likely be tiny sharp splinters or granules which you can only discern when they catch the light. On a laminate or tiled floor, they may be easy to spot, but what if the window has broken onto an area of carpet?       

At Mr Misty broken glass replacement, we know all about how to clean up broken glass outside and inside your property thoroughly and safely – it’s a vital part of our service, delivering real peace of mind. 

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Of course, whenever possible, it’s best for your own personal safety to leave handling broken glass windows to the professionals. 

If there’s a need for immediate action however, to keep your family or workforce safe, here are a few measured steps which you may wish to consider. 

Does your window need immediate repair? Is it safe to those in the property?

Moving any children or pets to a safe area of the property is a priority - and make sure that they cannot enter the room affected. If the broken window has resulted in glass outside, it may be best to keep pets – cats in particular - inside the property temporarily.

Even if the location of the broken window / door is not in an obviously frequented area of the property or not giving on directly to the outside, leaving it unrepaired or replaced is unsafe. 

All broken glass is dangerous and needs to be cleared away and disposed of properly, to avoid the risk of people hurting themselves or unwittingly transferring glass shards, granules or splinters to other ‘safe’ areas of the property.     

Here are a few tips, if you need to sweep up the glass yourself with a dustpan and brush:

•    Put on shoes
•    Wear thick gloves
•    Brush gently so as not to displace shards to other areas
•    If possible, remove any loose pieces, shards or granules of glass left in the window frame. This will prevent them falling out later and possibly causing injury.
•    Using sticky tape, go over the floor area to pick up any tiny fragments
•    Use a vacuum cleaner to thoroughly go over carpeted areas both around and beyond the spot immediately affected.   
•    Wrap up broken glass in thick newspaper or a thick bin liner. Dispose of appropriately and directly into an outside waste bin. Do not leave it anywhere where children or pets may be able to access it.

Broken windows are best boarded up until replacement glass can be fitted. In order not to cause unnecessary or irreparable damage to window frames at your Ipswich, Suffolk or Essex property – particularly to uPVC or aluminium frames – it is best to ask a windows professional to help. 

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