Horizontal Sliders – Secondary Glazing

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Horizontal Sliders – Secondary GlazingHorizontal sliders are the most popular choice for secondary glazing units in the Ipswich, Colchester and Chelmsford areas. They are versatile and well-suited to a wide range of Suffolk and Essex properties from commercial premises to historic buildings.

Cost-effective horizontal slider systems from Mr Misty Secondary Glazing Specialists Ipswich can offer excellent noise reduction and energy savings.

What's more, they still provide easy access to your primary windows for ventilation, maintenance and cleaning.

The robust units can be tailored to your requirements and are not just discreet, but highly durable with a long lifespan. Our horizontal slider secondary glazing units come with a 10 year product guarantee.



Horizontal Sliders – Secondary Glazing

Why horizontal sliding secondary glazing?

Horizontal sliding secondary glazing from Mr Misty Secondary Glazing Specialists Ipswich can be added to any windows which have vertical bars.They are suited to a wide range of windows and window sizes. In this way, the upright of the secondary pane’s frame remains discreet, echoing the vertical frames of the primary window.  

Suitable for:

  • Casement windows
  • Hinged windows
  • Any other window with vertical bars
  • High-rise or low-level buildings
  • Period or heritage properties, including leaded panes, existing arched, feature or Critall windows
  • Properties in conservation areas
Horizontal sliders - Features

Horizontal sliders - Features

  • Choice of configurations -  2-4 glazed horizontal slider panels* 
  • Brass rollers fitted within the sashes ensure smooth sliding action, making windows easy to open and close
  • Highly efficient twin brush seals eliminate draughts
  • Robust aluminium frames are durable and long-lasting
  • Slimline frames available for extra subtlety and discretion
  • Coloured frames available to suit your property, with choice of over 200 RAL colours
  • Wide range of glass options
  • Choice of handles
  • Security locking mechanisms available

*5 plus panels may also be possible, ask the Mr Misty team at the time of your secondary glazing assessment appointment. 


Horizontal sliders secondary glazing units

Benefits of horizontal sliders secondary glazing units

Choose to prioritise on energy efficient glass. Select the optimum glazing solution to reduce the level of specific noises encroaching on the comfort of your home. Win additional peace of mind about security with tough, laminate glass options.

An investment in secondary glazing can result in all-round rewards and significant cost-savings on your fuel bills – even if you live in an historic building.  

  • Eliminate draughts
  • Reduce noise and sound pollution
  • Increase thermal insulation
  • Improve the security of primary windows
  • Eliminate condensation issues which may cause mould or mildew
  • Retain aesthetics of your property
  • Access primary windows easily for ventilation
  • Access existing windows with ease for cleaning and maintenance – each individual horizontal slider secondary glazing panel can be completely removed by up into the top of the outer frame, then swinging inwards
  • Cost-effective, affordable, worthwhile investment
  • Low maintenance – wipe down occasionally to retain optimum condition
  • 10 year product guarantee


Interested in secondary glazing for your Suffolk or Essex property?

When the Mr Misty team visits your property to assess your primary windows and hear your needs, we will be able to formulate the optimum solution for your secondary glazing. We will be able to advise on the most effective glass and cavity depth to meet your specific requirements which can be accommodated by your window area.

Optimum glass and glazing solutions I Find out more»

Think horizontal sliders secondary glazing units fitted with optimum glass could be just what your home needs?  

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