Fitted Cat-flaps in Glass & Doors Suffolk

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Fitted Cat-flaps in Glass & Doors Suffolk

Fit a bit of freedom

A cat-flap fitted in your Ipswich home doesn’t just give your four-legged friend the freedom to get out and about – or in for food, warmth and security. It gives you peace of mind, more moments on the sofa as you don’t have to get up to do the honours and it can even help monitor and regulate your pet’s activity.

It’s a common misunderstanding that cat-flaps always to have be fitted into doors. It may be more convenient for your feline to use a cat-flap in a window in the kitchen or porch, especially if you live in a flat. 

At Mr Misty, we can put pet-flaps in either windows or doors, but for the safety of the pet we believe that only laminated safety glass is appropriate for the installation. If the pet-flap is to be installed into a door of toughened safety glass, by its nature, the glass cannot be cut. Instead we are able to supply a new pane pre-cut to accommodate the pet-flap of your choice. 

Fitted Cat-flaps in Doors Suffolk

Professionally fitted cat-flaps offer real home comforts

A cat-flap installed by Mr Misty’s professional pet-flap fitters in Ipswich, Colchester and Chelmsford will not compromise your home’s security or its good looks.

We take every care to ensure that the pet door will both suit and be properly accessible to your pet. We offer only quality tested, branded products. We know that as well as wanting to give your pet the right to roam, you’ll also want your property to remain warm, safe and secure, so the tried and tested, branded pet-flap installation will be fitted to exacting high standards.

We also recognize that you know your pet and we endeavour to ask the right questions to ensure a solution which fits the needs of all of you. However, some pets will take to their new entrance doors easily, whereas others may require a little more coaxing – or perhaps never even change their ways at all.

Fitted Cat-flaps in Doors

Our pet-flap offer:

  • Cat and dog flaps available
  • Choice of two top-named brands
  • ‘Collar key’ micro-chip operated units
  • Controllable pet-flaps which use mobile apps 
  • High quality, robust systems
  • Easy to clean units
  • Smart PVCu with clear, opaque or aluminium door flaps
  • 3 year warranty on pet-flap units
  • Choice of sizes - small, medium, large
  • Choice of colours (generally white / brown) 
  • Installed appropriately positioned and securely fitted, safe and ready for use
Fitted Cat-flaps in Glass

Microchip-operated cat flaps from market-leader, Sure-flap

  • Extra peace of mind – only your pet will gain access
  • Uses your pet's existing common micro-chip
  • Fully programmable via an online app – lock / unlock to a schedule
  • Can monitor pet activity


‘Collar Key’ anti-intruder cat flaps from Petsafe Staywell

  • Key mechanism reduces stress in your pet – it can’t be followed inside!
  • Parameters such as exit permissions are controllable – if you have multiple pets or pets with health issues activity can be organized and monitored

Want peace of mind from a pet-flap in your home?

A quality pet-flap installation by Mr Misty double glazing maintenance and repairs will give you peace of mind about your home staying warm, safe and secure too.  

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