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Specialists in double glazing door lock repairs, Mr Misty are experts in opening pvcu doors with broken multipoint locking systems and replacing locking barrels and Euro Cylinder locks in the Ipswich, Colchester and Chelmsford areas. 

Door Lock Repairs

At Mr Misty, we can generally fix patio door locks, bi-folding door locks, composite door locks and multipoint locks on entrance doors without the cost of purchasing a new door.

We can also replace multipoint lock systems and locking handles which are unique in their construction in pvcu doors. 

Surprisingly, customers can often find themselves locked in, as well as being locked out of their property.

The Mr Misty team have locksmith expertise and the product understanding and experience to open your entrance door, patio door or bi-folding door, whether uPVC, timber or aluminium without causing any damage.  

If you are experiencing a problem with your upvc door lock or trying to shut or lock your upvc door but find that it can’t close properly, please don’t force it.

Particularly in hot or cold conditions, doors with multipoint locks on upvc door frames can have this problem and it is not uncommon for people to be worried about the security of their property.


Upvc doors & common locking issues

Upvc doors & common locking issues

Locksmiths are so often called out to fix door lock problems, but with upvc doors, the issue may not be emanating from the lock itself.

Here’s what you need to know about pvcu door locks:

  • Like wood and aluminium, pvcu doors expand and contract
  • Even a couple of millimetres of change can put the door out of alignment
  • PVCu doors tend to have multiple moving lock parts, fitting into various apertures along the door frame
  • Any misalignment can prevent a pvcu door from locking or unlocking
  • If misalignment is the cause of the lock not working, then straightforward lock replacement will not be a long-term fix - the issue will keep recurring
  • Locking parts suffer from wear and tear in everyday use
  • Locking parts can get brittle and break with age


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Double glazing door lock

Ground rules for faulty pvcu door locks - Double glazing door lock repairs Ipswich & Colchester

If you have a pvcu door lock which is broken, jammed or catching in even the slightest niggly way, you don’t have to live with it, you definitely don’t want to force it and you really shouldn’t ignore it.

Mr Misty The Window Doctor diagnoses the symptoms as: door handles which fail to release the key on trying to lock up; door handles which don’t spring back; loose door handles; stiff door handles needing undue pressure.  

Our skilled window and door double glazing engineers at Mr Misty can swiftly assess your faulty lock and take appropriate, cost-effective action to correct alignment issues and get it working properly again.

  • Don’t force the handle or lock
    It may cause additional problems resulting in extra costs - damaging the locking mechanism, door handle; marking door or frame.
  • Don’t let just anyone try to help
    The mechanisms are not obvious and there are many types
  • Don’t just leave it
    If the sticking lock or stiff handle is caused by heat or cold causing alignment issues between the door and the frame, it is liable to happen again. Get it looked at by a professional. If left, it might lead to a lock or gearbox failure – and that can be expensive to sort out when the lock fails with the door closed.
  • Don’t assume that it needs totally replacing
    Mr Misty’s experience and skilled hands and the right part may be all that is required.
  • Do plan to have your opening and locking windows and doors serviced
    A maintenance check can save £££s. Mechanisms may only require minor adjustments.


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Pvcu doors – how secure are yours? 

Today most new pvcu patio doors and pvcu entrance doors come with secure locking systems fitted a standard. Older units and frames with earlier mechanisms may not have multiple hooks or deadbolts, but just limited rollers and a latch. These will not meet insurance criteria which will call for British Standard approved cylinder locks to be in place.

Pvcu double glazing door lock repairs specialist Mr Misty can professionally fit other security improvements to pvcu doors including:  

Anti-snap locks - British Standard Tested

Anti-snap locks - British Standard Tested

  • Lock-picking resistant
  • Lock snapping resistant – protects against the burglary technique which involves snapping a the lock cylinder by applying force, thus removing the outer part of the lock to expose the mechanism which can then be tampered with using regular tools
  • Lock bumping resistant - protects from an inserted key already turning in the lock from being hit with a blunt object until the key turns fully.
High security pvcu door handles

High security pvcu door handles

  • Generally twice the thickness of standard handles
  • Protects the euro cylinder lock

Sash jammers for pvcu doors

  • Can be fitted internally or externally
  • Prevent door from opening if door lock is opened or broken
  • Locking and non-locking options available
  • Also suitable for French doors and upvc windows


Door chains for pvcu doors

  • An extra not a security feature on its own
  • Allows you to see who’s at the door before allowing entry

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Don’t delay – alignment adjustment issues left over time can easily become a more costly repair and replace job.
Call Mr Misty pvcu locksmiths now for pvcu door lock maintenance and pvcu doors and windows health check.

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