Replacement PVCu Window Handles

PVCu Double Glazing Window Handle Repairs in Ipswich, Colchester & Chelmsford 

Do you have failing window handles which need attention? Stiff or loose pvcu window handles can be indications that your windows are becoming insecure and they could already be letting in draughts or leaking round the edges. Mr Misty Double Glazing Repairs can replace window handles on your pvcu double glazed units and undertake a health check to extend their life and save you money.

Replacement PVCu Window Handles

Spot the symptoms - Failing window handle tips 

Mr Misty The Window Doctor explains...
If you think that your regular or locking window handle is broken, prompt, professional attention is always the best policy to avoid further damage to the window and its frame.

Replacing window handles on pvcu double glazed frames, timber frames or double glazed aluminium units can be straightforward and cost-effective, if undertaken by experienced double glazing repairers.

Signs that your window handles need TLC include:

  • window handle is loose or drooping
  • window handle is stiff
  • window handle won’t turn easily   
  • window handle has snapped off
  • broken window handle
  • bent window handle
  • window won’t close and secure properly into the frame using the handle
  • lockable window handle fails to release the key when trying to lock it
  • discoloured window handle –  sign of aging and handle becoming brittle


Simply lost the key to your locking window?

Think that the window lock is jammed or broken? Find out how Mr Misty can help»

PCVU window handles & window handles

Types of pvcu window handles & window handles for double glazed frames

At Mr Misty we stock and can also source almost every sort of window handle to refurbish your double glazed casement and tilt and turn windows. Once we have assessed the problem, we can give you a price for the replacement window handle and work involved, even if we have to order it especially and return to fit it. We will ensure that the job and costs involved in any double glazing window handle repair is clear.

Window handles may be left handed, right handed or inline and may vary in spindle size as well as being available in a number of colour options, usually silver (matt), chrome, gold and white.

Don’t worry, if you have mixture of casement and tilt and turn windows at your property and wish to renew all the window handles in the same style, this is possible as the handles are generally interchangeable.

We also offer sash hooks or 'handles' for secondary glazed units and double glazed sash windows.  

At Mr Misty, we offer a competitively priced double glazing window handle repair and replacement service for pvcu units, timber and aluminium frames.

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