Window Hinge Repairs

Window Hinge Adjustment & Double Glazed Window Hinge Repair & Replacement Ipswich

At Mr Misty The Window Doctor, we are double glazed window repair experts who can adjust, fix, refurbish and replace hinges on your pvcu double glazed windows and carry out complete health checks on your double glazed units at competitive prices.

By adjusting and repairing pvcu window hinges, we make windows secure and draught-free again.

Most hinges are available with brand and colour choices. Colour finishes tend to include gold, chrome, sliver matt and white.

Window Hinge Adjustment

Do your windows fail to close properly?  

Mr Misty The Window Doctor explains … 
Opening windows are really important for the ventilation of your home and creating a healthy living environment.

Window hinges are designed to see a lot of action and combined with the window stays should ensure that you have no trouble opening them the required amount and closing them when you want.

When windows become stiff and require that extra push or pull to get them open or shut, it’s time to give them a health check and see if double glazing window hinge repairs are required. 

Undue force causes damage to gaskets, frames and handles or the windows cease to close properly. Broken window catches or broken window stays, hinge issues and poor window alignment can lead to draughts, water ingress and undermine the security of your property.  

Window Hinge Repairs

Mr Misty can repair, adjust and replace most sort of windows hinges on upvc double glazed units, timber-framed double glazed windows and aluminium windows.

Window friction hinge and stay styles can vary across frame types and materials.

Windows can also do a number of different jobs requiring different sorts of window hinges - for example if the window is required to open more fully to act as a fire escape.


Need a replacement window hinge? It's worth asking the experts 

At Mr Misty, we stock a large and versatile range and are generally able to source and install more specialist pvcu window hinge replacements and window stays  if required.

We would generally advise that window hinges and window stays including the easy-clean versions are best replaced in pairs.

Replacement window hinges

We can carry out the following double glazing window hinge repairs and also adjust window friction hinges and stays:

  • Replacement Standard window hinges  - used on all types of pvcu double glazed windows
  • Replacement Low Stack window hinges (often referred to as ‘standard’)
  • Replacement Slimline window hinges
  • Replacement Narrow window hinges (often called ‘slimline’)
  • Replacement Restrictor window hinges – provide a restricted opening (10cms), particularly used for upper storey windows or in high-rise properties to prevent people from falling.
  • Replacement child stays or child hinges for windows - (also referred to as ‘restrictor’ hinges)
  • Replacement fire escape window hinges – open to almost 90 degrees; only available as side-opening windows; hinge of preference for windows which require regular easy cleaning)
  • Replacement means of escape window hinges (aka fire escape window hinges)
  • Replacement egress window hinges (aka fire escape window hinges)


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For double glazing window hinge and window stay repairs, give Mr Misty a call.
Whether you have pvcu windows, timberframes or aluminium units we specialize in refurbishing your windows at competitive prices.

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