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Eliminating Condensation in Double Glazed Windows in Suffolk & Essex

Make condensation, mould and mildew on your double glazing a thing of the past with high performance replacement glass installed into your pvcu, timber or aluminium frames by Mr Misty double glazing repair specialists.

If you’ve noticed misted, steamy or cloudy double glazing in your home, there’s absolutely no need to change the whole window frame and all – we can simply replace the pane of glass to keep you windows in great working order and help add comfort, security and value to your property.   

For just a fraction of the cost of new windows, Mr Misty 'The Window Doctor' can repair cloudy double glazed windows, offering a wide selection of energy efficient thermal glass solutions with additional acoustic and security benefits. With our carefully selected, fully guaranteed, high performance glass from top manufacturers, clever warm spacer double glazed window technologies and double glazing installation expertise from a lifetime in the business, the difference will be clear.

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Eliminating Condensation in Double Glazed Windows in Suffolk & Essex
Condensation on windows

Condensation on windows explained

Condensation occurs naturally on windows. It doesn’t matter whether they are double or single glazed – it can happen whenever moist, warm air, meets a cold surface.

The physical process by which a gas or vapour changes into a liquid, condensation is common windows as they tend to be less well insulated than walls - particularly in cooler, damper months, they can be the coolest surfaces in a room.

Ventilation is key to control excessive moisture or humidity in a property and prevent condensation.  

Double glazing & condensation

Double glazing units feature two panes of glass – three in triple glazed units - spaced apart with a spacer bar and sealed with a primary and secondary sealant to form a single, airtight unit with an air or gas filled cavity in between.

The cavity is filled under vacuum conditions with either dehydrated air or an inert gas to improve insulation and prevent condensation within the unit. A transparent coating on one surface of the glass reflects heat back into the building, reducing heat loss through the window.

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Double glazing & condensation
Surface condensation on double-glazed units
Surface condensation on double-glazed units occurs:


• On face 1 - if face temperature is significantly lower than the external air temperature

• On faces 2 and 3, inside the double-glazed unit - indicates that the cavity is no longer completely sealed. The window cavity’s desiccant is rapidly saturated, so  damp air entering via the damaged seal round the edge forms visibility-reducing condensation inside the unit.

• On face 4 – influenced by external climate; internal air temperature; humidity within the building; ventilation flow rate. Particularly common in bathrooms, kitchens or rooms with high humidity levels. Heating, ventilation and thermally insulating glass can help.

Condensation inside double glazed units cannot be reversed, but Mr Misty misted double glazing repairs can replace just the glass rather than the whole double glazed unit to resolve the issue.

When replacing misted glass in double glazed units, it makes sense to fit high performance insulating glass which can save energy and money.  We can advise on energy efficient glass solutions and ensure that your new double glazed window units include ‘warm-edge’ spacerbars made of extremely efficient insulating material to overcome thermal bridge issues in the corners and make your glazing even more efficient.    

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Secondary double glazing is also an excellent way to reduce condensation in your property and a first class solution to condensation issues in historic properties with single glazed windows.

Secondary Glazing Information

Condensation inside double glazed units

Remember – Pane, not Frame

At Mr Misty The Window Doctor, we can dramatically improve double glazing condensation problems at a fraction of the cost of installing new framed units and make your double-glazed windows and doors even better with high performance glass options.  

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