Lift Out Panels – Secondary Glazing

Framed glass panels, easily & totally removable from discreet secondary glazing frames 


Lift-out secondary glazing panels are a basic, highly economical and cost-effective secondary glazing solution.

A lift out panel is a removable panel within its own outer frame - the panel itself does not open or close, but can simply be lifted out of a secured channel.

Lift-out panels from Mr Misty Secondary Glazing Specialists Ipswich are most suited to windows intended solely to give light rather than any ventilation to a room.

They are an excellent way to keep moisture content in your property under control to eliminate condensation.


Lift Out Panels – the secondary glazing solution for you?

Lift Out secondary glazing panels have traditionally been a popular choice for heritage properties as they can offer modern heat efficiency without altering the traditional aesthetic of your building.

Suitable for:

  • Non-opening window ‘lights’
  • Windows where only limited access to the primary window is required
  • Smaller scale window sash sizes only (eg. up to 2m x 2m) – as the weight of glass must be of manageable proportions
  • Heritage properties looking for ultimate secondary glazing discretion with all the benefits


Whether you are looking for a lift-out panel to cover a small historic mullion or larger landing window, the Mr Misty specialist secondary glazing team will be able to assess and advise on the most effective glass and cavity depth which can be accommodated by your window area to meet your specific requirements.

Lift-out secondary glazing units – Features

Lift-out secondary glazing units – Features

Lift Out panels may be ‘face-fixed’ (installed to the internal face of the primary window) for increased thermal performance, or ‘reveal-fixed’ (installed with a glass to glass cavity, within the window reveal) for optimum acoustic performance.   

  • Robust aluminium frames are durable and long-lasting
  • ‘Heritage’ and ‘Traditional’ Lift Out panels styles available to blend in with your property
  • Slimline Lift Out panels available for extra subtlety and discretion
  • Lightweight panels to aid ease of lifting out, cleaning and access for cleaning primary windows.
  • Aluminium twin track profile ensure a secure fixing for larger panes of glass
  • Highly efficient double brush pile seal increases thermal and sound insulation properties
  • Coloured frames available to suit your property, with choice of over 200 RAL colours
  • Wide range of glass options: 4mm - 8.8mm glazing to suit thermal insulation or noise reduction requirements


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Lift-out panel secondary glazing - Benefits

  • Eliminate condensation, mould or mildew which could otherwise lead to water ingress, damp and rot
  • Get rid of annoying draughts
  • Increase thermal insulation
  • Reduce noise and sound pollution
  • Improve the security of primary windows
  • Highly economical, affordable, worthwhile investment
  • Low maintenance – wipe down occasionally to retain optimum condition

Interested in lift-out panels or other secondary glazing options for your Suffolk or Essex property?

Have a draughty historic property with high heating bills and want to become more energy efficient?  Ask Mr Misty about lift out secondary glazing units.

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