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Noise Control Glazing

The sound of traffic and other outside noises impact on the comfort of your home, business or workspace. But there is no need to suffer. 

Noise pollution can be easily and considerably reduced by replacing the glass in your double glazed units or by introducing secondary glazing.

When it comes to choosing the right glass type or secondary glazing set-up, you'll want to ensure  that your installation is a perfect fit for your property.

Getting the right advice and support from experienced installer Mr Misty The Window Doctor, will play a significant role in making all the difference. What's more, you can look forward to real peace of mind too as our double glazed units come with a 10 year guarantee



Sound Proofing Glass

Looking for a quieter life? Glazing can help.

If you are disturbed night or day by outside noise, perhaps from road or air traffic, from neighbouring residents, factories, pubs or clubs, the glass’ barrier’ in your window units and the efficiency their seals - if they include opening windows - can make a real difference.

But the first thing to understand is that it’s not just ‘noise’.

Take a look at the comparison graph here, showing noise levels from faint to harming. 

High frequency noise (70-125 decibels) can be very intrusive. A passing motorbike might reach 100 decibels.

Lower frequency noise like the rumble of road traffic or railway noise is an issue in its own right in built-up areas, but more importantly, the vibrations it causes in your windows could also be making things progressively worse.  

Secondary glazing noise reduction.


Secondary glazing is by far the most effective way to reduce noise entering your home.

The introduction of a second set of glazed panels with a gap or ‘cavity’ between the existing window and the secondary frame, immediately delivers better sound proofing.

The bigger the cavity, the better it gets. And acoustic glass could help significantly too.

High performance 6.4 mm acoustic glass like British made Planitherm Comfort acoustic laminated glass has a special built-in transparent acoustic layer which delivers impressive noise reduction over older-style double glazing.

As secondary glazing system fitted professionally by Mr Misty secondary glazing specialists could reduce traffic noise pollution by up to 80%. 

Secondary glazing from Mr Misty

Helping you make the right glazing choices to reduce noise

At Mr Misty we can assess how secondary glazing can be accommodated into your property to reduce noise. We would usually suggest a minimum cavity of 100mm for increased sound reduction.

We will explain the options, provide a competitive, no obligation quotation and if you choose an installation from Mr Misty, deliver a quality job to exacting high standards.

Secondary glazing from Mr Misty I Find out more »

At Mr Misty we can also :

  • replace leaky seals or gaskets; ensure handles and locks work efficiently
  • upgrade single glazed windows to double glazing with new frames as appropriate
  • upgrade double glazed units with high performance glass without the expense of new window frames
Secondary glazing sound reduction

Ensure optimum sound reduction with the use glass of a different thickness or of different properties to the existing window.

Glass thickness improves sound reduction as it can block out low frequency sounds.
Acoustic laminated glass has a special interlayer which particularly reduces high frequency noise such as aircraft noise or road noise from towns like Ipswich, Colchester and Chelmsford.

Planitherm Comfort acoustic laminated glass

High Performance Glass options for sound reduction

Replacement double glazing specialists Mr Misty are pleased to install British made Planitherm Comfort acoustic laminated glass which has positive green credentials using sand sourced in the UK and, on average, 30% recycled glass in every sheet.

This acoustic laminated glass from European market-leader Saint-Gobain has a special built-in transparent acoustic layer which delivers impressive noise reduction over older-style double glazing.

Planitherm acoustic laminated glass is only appropriate for use in double glazed units.

Due to the nature of the Planitherm coating, the coated side must always be enclosed in a sealed unit to protect it from the external atmosphere.

This acoustic laminated glazing cannot be used as a like-for-like to replace single glazing. 

Acoustic Glass

Acoustic Glass - Sound benefits & so much more

Whether you replace your current glazing with sound-reducing glass or install secondary glazing incorporating these high performance glazing solutions, glass with acoustic properties could significantly improve noise pollution levels in your home, office or business.  

  • Up to 20% better noise reduction over older-style double glazing.
  • Can be included in any size of double glazed window unit
  • Can be used with all popular frame materials and types, including UPVC, wood and aluminium. 
  • Meets European standard BS EN 1096-4
  • High level of energy efficiency
  • Tougher and more secure due to laminated formula


Upgrade your windows with sound proofing glass now.

Mr Misty is here to give comprehensive advice and installation expertise for replacement double glazing and secondary glazing to sound proof your Essex or Suffolk home, business or workspace.

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