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Energy Efficient Glass

At Mr Misty we are experts in the installation of high performance glazing with innovative warm edge technologies like energy-saving spacer bars between the panes of insulating glass which help to make condensation in your home a thing of the past.

Windows are all too often prime areas of heat loss in a Suffolk or Essex property. Poorly fitted frames, single glazed units or failing double glazed units can leak heat, create draughts and drive up heating bills.

But with energy efficient glass in your Essex home, there may really be no need to replace your windows to make the difference you are looking for.


‘low-e’ energy efficient glass


Introducing ‘low-e’ energy efficient glass

Improving thermal insulation in your home or business by maintaining your existing windows properly, upgrading them with replacement glass or introducing secondary glazing can help save energy and in turn, lower fuel costs and save you money. Low emissivity double-glazing is 25% more efficient in terms of thermal insulation compared to standard double glazing.

The effectiveness of double glazing is measured by a system of Window Energy Ratings (WER). The other system of measurement is the U-value - the rate of transfer of heat through a material ie. how effective a material is as an insulator. The lower the U-value the better the material is at retaining heat.

At replacement glazing specialists Mr Misty Ipswich, we are expert fitters of Europe’s bestselling brand of high performance, low emissivity glass – the PLANITHERM range from Saint-Gobain. What's more, our double glazed units come with a 10 year guarantee.

Planitherm Glass

Incorporating the very latest advancements in thermally insulating, coating technology PLANITHERM  boasts one of the lowest rates of heat loss, easily complying with building regulations.

It is suitable for domestic and commercial applications, in all frame types, for both new-build and replacement windows, skylights, conservatories, patio doors and glass facades.

Double Glazed Unit

How does Low-e glazing work?

With its transparent, invisible metallic coating PLANITHERM Low-e glass captures free energy from natural daylight, allowing it to pass through the glass and warm the home. At the same time the coating reflects heat generated in the home back into the room, rather than allowing it to escape through windows.

  • Windows using PLANITHERM attain the highest Window Energy Ratings of A or A+ in most cases when fitted with the right combination of frame, spacer and gas filled unit
  • Compliant with Part L of the Building Regulation for England and Wales (Part F in Northern Ireland) with all frame types, offering greater consumer choice
  • Exceptional Window Energy Rating (WER) performance thanks to the optimised balance between a very low U-value and high solar gain
  • Haze and tint free windows – Planitherm maximises the amount of natural light without the effects associated with older double glazed windows
Energy Efficient Glass Planitherm Coating

Low-e glass - Versatile & with extra choice

There are three packages in the Planitherm range, all are highly energy efficient and some include glass with acoustic properties and UV elimination. Each option can be used in either double or triple glazing applications. 

  • Energy Standard - 4mm Planiclear outer pane - 16mm Argon gas-filled cavity with warm edge spacer - 4mm Planitherm Total +
  • Comfort - 6.8mm Stadip Silence outer pane - 16mm Argon gas-filled cavity with warm edge spacer - 4mm Planitherm Total +
  • Comfort Plus - 6.8mm Stadip Silence outer pane - 16mm Argon gas-filled cavity with warm edge spacer - 4mm Planitherm One T


Interested in seeing how low-e glass is made? Watch and find out more here»


Warm edge technology – Making insulating glass even better

Even the best performing low-e glass can fall foul of cold spots. This occurs particularly around the edges of the pane.

That’s why here at replacement glazing specialists Mr Misty, we offer sealed glazed units featuring innovative ‘warm edge’ spacer bars from market leader SWISSPACER.

The innovative spacer bar technology helps to keep the temperatures inside at the edge of the glass warm in winter and cool in summer.

The higher temperatures at the edge of the glass prevent the build-up of condensation, reducing the risk of mould or bacteria.

Interested in finding out more about ‘warm edge’ spacer technology? 

‘warm edge ‘ spacer bar?

What is a ‘warm edge ‘ spacer bar?

The ‘warm edge’ spacer bars significantly improve the insulation in modern insulating glass. Placed between the panes of insulating glass units, the stable plastic bars have extremely high insulating properties and low thermal conductivity.

As they keep the panes of glass apart, they also maintain the integrity of the gap, reducing the amount of energy lost at the edge of the glass.

SWISSSPACER comes in colours too, to deliver a really stylist finish, colour-matching frame or decor. 

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Contact the double glazing replacement experts Mr Misty. We can install energy efficient glass in your Essex home to make a real, immediate and long-term difference to you and your energy bills by simply upgrading most existing windows.

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