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Door Hinge Repairs

Double glazing door repairs specialists Mr Misty adjust, fix, refurbish and replace hinges on pvcu double glazed doors at competitive prices.

By servicing and adjusting pvcu door hinges we can ensure that your doors are secure and in perfect alignment, to prevent draughts, leaks and damage and bring your double glazed doors back into full working order.   

Failing door hinges: diagnosis tips from Mr Misty The Window Doctor …

Hinges are a really hard-working part of your pvcu double glazed door. They support the weight of the glass and its frame, allowing the door to open and close.

It is vital to keep hinges in good working order not only so that you can go in and out – but so that damage is not caused inadvertently to double glazing investment.

Double Glazing Door Hinge Repairs

When do double glazed door hinges need attention? 

Look out for:

  • Door drop – door sagging in the frame
  • Door catching on the floor when opened / closed
  • Issues with locking – keys difficult to turn
  • Cracks on hinges - they can break away from the door frame 
  • Stiff or loose handles


Mr Misty can adjust, repair and replace most sort of hinges found on upvc double glazed doors.

Hinge styles have developed over the years and ones on older double glazed units dating back decades are different from pvcu door hinges fitted today. 

We are generally able to source replacement door hinges for new and older style upvc doors or advise other solutions if required.


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Butt hinges for pvcu doors

We can provide the following double glazed door hinges:

  • Replacement Butt hinges for pvcu doors – (timber door hinge hybrid) still fitted, but common on early installations
  • Replacement Pencil hinges for pvcu doors (aka pvcu Butt Hinges)
  • Replacement Edge hinges for pvcu doors (aka pvcu door Butt Hinges)
  • Replacement Rebate (Butt) hinges for pvcu doors - still fitted, but common on early installations. These have slimmer sightlines than some other double glazed door hinges as they are located inside the doorframe (rather than over it) and fold around the door sash. 
  • Replacement Flag hinges for pvcu doors – most common on contemporary double glazed doors. These attach to both the door sash and outer frame.


Most hinges are available with brand and colour choices.
Colour finishes tend to include gold, chrome and white.

For all your double glazing door hinge repairs, adjustments and replacements on double glazed pvcu, timber or aluminium frames call Mr Misty.

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