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Mr Misty The Window Doctor explains… 
Quality, high-performing gasket is a vital part of any weatherproof window or door. It provides an all-important seal between the opening sash and the outer frame while under compression, preventing draughts and water ingress inconvenience and damage.

Special types of gasket seals are also used in double glazed units, fitted between the glazing and the frame to hold the glass securely in place. 

In all double glazing, gasket repairs should be undertaken as soon as the fault is spotted to safeguard the integrity of your window or door. 

Gasket Repairs & Seal Replacement

Benefits of fully functioning gasket seals:

  • Provide a weather seal for your windows and doors
  • Prevent draughts
  • Stop water from getting in
  • Prevent the development of glazing ‘cold spots’
  • Prevent longer term issues such as mildew, damp and rot 
Gasket Seals failing

Why do Gasket Seals fail?

Gasket seals on your double glazed windows or doors can shrink or perish over time. This can create gaps and cold spots.

At Mr Misty, we can generally replace gasket seals quickly and cost-effectively to provide a long- lasting, high-performing weather seal which will make a real difference to the ongoing performance of your windows or doors.

With gasket seals around the glazing in particular, it is important to get the right size of gasket fitted:  if it’s too thick, it will put too much pressure on the glass; if too thin, it will not hold the glass tightly enough. On externally beaded windows, special sorts of gasket seals work together with the beading to push the glass into place, creating a secure fit.

Need window seals replacing? Ask expert gasket fitters Mr Misty

Mr Misty stocks gasket seals for most pvcu window and door profiles and can source specialist gasket to repair and refurbish your leaky and draughty windows and doors if required.

These include: 

  • Push in weatherseal gaskets
  • Wedge gaskets
  • E gaskets
  • Fir tree gaskets
  • Opening sash to frame Bubble gasket 
  • Opening sash to frame Flipper gasket
  • U channel gasket (patio doors)
  • Door threshold gasket seal replacement
  • Brush pile (draught brush) gasket seal


Most extruded gasket seal comes in several colour options like white, black and brown. 

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