Door Handle Repairs & PVCu Door Handle Replacement

PVCu Double Glazing Door Handle Repairs in Ipswich, Colchester & Chelmsford

PVCu Double Glazing Door Handle Repairs

Mr Misty are specialists in double glazing door handle repairs and experts in mending or replacing loose, stiff or damaged door handles on pvcu doors.

We also carry out repairs on composite entrance doors, aluminum bi-folding doors, patio doors and French doors with or without integral locking mechanisms.

Mr Misty The Window Doctor explains the symptoms...
Many issues involving door handles on pvcu double glazed frames can be straightforward and cost-effective to fix by experienced double glazing repairers.

Failing internal or external doors door handles do require prompt professional attention to avoid further damage to the door and its frame. 

If your door handles show such symptoms, please don’t just leave them –  and definitely don’t force them. Just give Mr Misty The Window Doctor a call on 0800 25 45 111

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Door Handle Repairs

Signs that your door handles need some TLC include:

  • door handles are stiff needing undue pressure to turn   
  • door handles are loose
  • drooping door handles
  • door handles are broken
  • door handles don’t spring back
  • lockable door handles fail to release the key when trying to lock up
  • discoloured door handles – a sign of aging which indicates that the handle may also be getting brittle and about to snap


At Mr Misty we source or stock a wide range of regular and locking door handles for double glazed doors, internal and entrance doors. If we are unable to fix your damaged door handle and it needs replacing, we can give you a clear quotation for the part and work involved and return to fit it.

Door Alignment Repair

Door handles which get a lot of use do suffer from general wear and tear, but a door handle problem could indicate an issue with the door alignment. This is common with pvcu doors in particular as they can expand and contract by a few millimetres with the changes in weather.

That's why it is important to get a faulty door handle checked out - it might not be handle after all, but something else which needs adjustment. Failure to correct this could cause long term issues and damage to your whole door unit.

This can be even more important if the issue is with a locking door handle. Read more here»     

Looking to renew your door handles?  

If you’re giving your place a make-over, a new set of door handles for your pvcu doors, French doors or patio doors could be the finishing touch to make your newly decorated room look picture-perfect.

Door handles do vary according to the style or make of your pvcu doors and if you have an older installation, then sometimes choice is limited or the design discontinued. Ask us at Mr Misty how we can help. We will propose as wide a choice of options as possible to suit both your the door and your needs.

Replacement chrome door handles, replacement gold finish door handles and replacement white door handles are generally available as standard on most double glazed pvcu doors.

At Mr Misty double glazing door handle repairs and door handle replacements for double glazed frames - pvcu, timber or aluminium – is what we do.
Don’t take the risk – give the experts a call.

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