Vertical Sliders – Secondary Glazing

Up-and-down & Tilt-in Vertical Sliding Glass Panels

Up-and-down & Tilt-in Vertical Sliding Glass Panels

Designed to match the sightlines of traditional sash windows, balanced vertical slider panels from
Mr Misty Secondary Glazing Ipswich are popular with period home owners.These are the most complex type of secondary glazing system generally available.

Tilt-in vertical sliders offer the same sightlines and provide a hinged opening as an alternative means of ventilation and access to the primary window.

Both vertical secondary glazing panel options can deliver a wide range of benefits from reducing noise pollution to cutting down heating bills. 

Our vertical slider secondary glazing units can be fully customized to meet your needs.

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Vertical Sliders – Secondary Glazing

Why choose vertical sliding secondary glazing?

For many older properties, modern double glazing may not be an option as it would impact on the property’s external appearance.

Vertical sliding secondary glazing units from Mr Misty Secondary Glazing Specialists Ipswich are particularly suited to the upgrade or refurbishment of period, heritage and listed properties which often have distinctive architectural features like sash windows.

Suitable for:

  • Listed, period or heritage properties with sash windows
  • Properties in Conservation Areas needing to conserve external appearances
  • Modern buildings wanting a traditional appearance which only sash windows provide
  • Historic properties seeking to make an interior design statement
Vertical sliding secondary glazing

With its wide spectrum of aluminium frame colours, vertical slider secondary glazing systems can be used to blend in unobtrusively with your traditional property both inside and out - or give it stylish, new, interior decor-led leash of life.

Secondary glazing can be added to even the most architecturally challenging properties – from half-timbered leaning houses in Coggeshall to symmetrical Georgian windows in Sudbury.


Vertical sliders - Features

Discreet and versatile, vertical sliding secondary glazing fits on the inside of vertical sliding sash windows, with the two secondary sashes securely retained - one above the other - in their outer frame. These secondary sashes are easily moved up and down with the weights supported by the balance system.

Systems are ‘face-fixed’ (installed to internal face of primary window) for increased thermal performance, or ‘reveal-fixed’ (with a glass to glass cavity, within window reveal) for optimum acoustic performance.   

Vertical sliders - Features


Slide up/ down, sash-style - vertical sliders

  • Individually pre-tensioned, robust spiral spring-balances control the motion of the sash. These allow infinite options for vertical positioning of secondary glazing unit
  • Opening mechanism designed for long-term durability and ease of movement


Tilt-in vertical sliders

  • Can be independently released from the outer frame, then pivoted inwards through almost 180 degrees
    • May be suitable for fire escape requirements
    • Useful for cleaning
Vertical sliders or secondary glazing sash windows

Benefits of vertical sliders or secondary glazing sash windows

  • Retain aesthetics of your property
  • Match to your property or enhance its decor
  • Increase thermal insulation
  • Reduce noise and sound pollution
  • Improve the security of primary windows
  • Eliminate draughts
  • Eradicate unhealthy condensation which may cause mould, mildew or lead to water ingress, damp and rot
  • Access primary windows easily for ventilation
  • Access primary windows with ease for cleaning and maintenance
  • Cost-effective, affordable, worthwhile investment
  • Low maintenance – wipe down occasionally to retain optimum condition

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