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Mr Misty Ipswich installs beautiful high quality new front doors, PVCu double glazed doors and bifolding aluminium doors to the highest standard in properties across Suffolk and Essex. Whether you are looking for a smart new composite entrance door, patio doors, French doors or stylish bifolding doors to upgrade your home, our impressive product knowledge and decades of experience will deliver expertly fitted, robust doors which will keep their good looks for years to come. 

All our doors and glazing are carefully chosen, top branded products. We will ensure that your door is safe, secure, draught-free, easy-to-operate, low-maintenance and great value for money.

Choosing a new front door, but don’t know where to start? 

Mr Misty is on hand to design your perfect entrance door with you. Panel doors, part-glazed doors, extremely robust composite doors with impressive manufacturer’s warranties – we can explain all the pros and cons, colour, decorative glazing, locks and door furniture options and help you create the door that’s perfect for you and your property. 

Want the best option to bring the outside in and get out to enjoy the garden? 

From flush-fit and slim-framed bifolding aluminium ‘glass wall’ doors to highly practical, smart and secure PVCu  patio or French doors which slide smoothly or open out easily, we can guide you through best-fit and maximum light options to suit your needs and wishes, internal and external space and your budget.     

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Our Expertise Explained

Take a look at our quick-reference style gallery below, outlining typical door styles and glazed door configurations. 


Composite  Entrance Doors
Composite Entrance Doors
PVCu  Entrance Doors
PVCu Entrance Doors
Stable Doors (Entrance Doors)
Stable Doors (Entrance Doors)
Doors for Pets Cat & Dog Flaps
Doors for Pets Cat & Dog Flaps
PVCu  Sliding Patio Doors
PVCu Sliding Patio Doors
PVCu  French Doors
PVCu French Doors
Aluminium Bi-folding Doors
Aluminium Bi-folding Doors
PVCu Bi-folding Doors
PVCu Bi-folding Doors
Energy Efficient Glass
Energy Efficient Glass

Cut Fuel Bills - Save £££s

Noise Reduction Glazing
Noise Reduction Glazing

Enjoy a Quieter Life

Laminated Security Glass
Laminated Security Glass

Feel Safe & Secure

Decorative Laminate Glass
Decorative Laminate Glass

Safe, Secure & Beautiful

High performance glazing for doors 

Click on the boxes above to find out about the benefits of our many glazing options for your new windows.

These days, we can expect more from glass than just natural light and a clear view. Thanks to the advanced technology of manufacturing ‘safe’ glass and highly efficient double or triple glazed units, we can enjoy more / greater spans of glass in our homes or businesses together with a whole raft of additional benefits.  
For heat retention, high performance energy efficient glass can contribute towards the reduction of fuel bills. Soundproofing glass may significantly cut back nuisance traffic noise whilst laminated security glass can make any glazed area in your home truly safe and secure.

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Composite or PVCu? Need-to-know guide to choosing entrance doors  

Composite and PVCu entrance doors have many benefits in common, but their design structures can be quite different. Both take the ‘sandwich’ of materials approach which makes the end product extremely robust.

Composite entrance doors are custom-made and are comprised of several different, high-performing materials compressed and glued together in high pressure conditions. Finished with a high quality, multi-point lock and door furniture hardware (letterbox plates/door knockers / handles etc) these include a:

•    outer frame of steel-reinforced PVCu
•    sub-frame of rigid polymer
•    core of high density polyurethane foam
•    ‘skin’ of glass reinforced plastic (GRP)
•    click-fit double/triple glazed unit system (optional)

PVCu entrance doors are comprised of several different, high-performing polymer materials. Finished with a high quality, multi-point lock and door furniture hardware (letterbox plates/door knockers / handles etc) these include a:

•    outer frame of PVCu
•    sub-frame of PVCu
•    core of Styrofoam encased in PVCu
•    double/triple glazed unit system (optional)

Compare the benefits - Composite v PVCu front doors 

Suits a wide range of properties Mr Misty Mr Misty
Contemporary looks Mr Misty Mr Misty
Classic looks  Mr Misty Mr Misty
Robust /highly durable Mr Misty Mr Misty
Tested rigorously   Mr Misty Mr Misty
Precision-crafted Mr Misty Mr Misty
Anti-fade colour   Mr Misty  
10 years manufacturer’s warranty Mr Misty Mr Misty
Very thermally efficient  Mr Misty  
Reduces noise Mr Misty  
Great value for money  Mr Misty Mr Misty
Easy-clean     Mr Misty Mr Misty
Regular maintenance advised Mr Misty Mr Misty
Wide range of glass options Mr Misty Mr Misty
Wide range of detailing options Mr Misty  
Almost infinite choice of RAL colours  Mr Misty Mr Misty
Hand-sprayed colour finish   Mr Misty  
Woodgrain textured finish Mr Misty  

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Why choose Aluminium Bifolding Doors? Quick guide to bifold doors  

Bifolding doors can provide a wide expanse of floor-to-ceiling glazing or ‘glass wall’ which allows light to flood in and can ‘extend’ the room into any other interior room or garden area. They also concertina back fully for an impressive opening, or if part-opened, can achieve access of variable width.

Bifolding doors can be used as external doors, or as in internal glass ‘partition’ and have long been favoured to create a large open plan space from a living room and conservatory. The doors ‘run’ on tracks, with relatively complex mechanisms. There are a range of stacking configurations available which depend on the style and available space within the room.

At Mr Misty, our extensive experience as door repairers has informed our choice - we only install aluminium bifolds and select the best quality aluminium bifolding door systems on the market. We are expert systems fitters who know exactly how to install aluminium bifolding doors properly, to ensure their smooth running and avoid any future issues.

Advances in design and engineering technologies mean that aluminium is highly suited to the construction of robust bifolding door products. The aesthetics of their sleek, slimline frames far outstrip chunkier PVCu bifold doors which will stack much less discreetly. With an impressive range of possible stacking configurations, aluminium doors fold right back into a tidy and compact concertina of panels, maximising space all round.

Aluminium bifold doors benefits

•    Suitable for largescale openings
•    Slimline frames  - sleek, attractive, discreet and more natural light 
•    Impressive thermal properties  - thanks to ‘warm core’ technologies 
•    Hide-away handles (optional) – for that ‘glass wall’ look 
•    Flush-fit styling an option - for smooth sightlines and extra neat stacking 
•    Many panel configurations and stacking options
•    Powder-coated finish in any RAL colour – smart options that make a statement 
•    Suitable for most properties - traditional and contemporary 

Stacking options for aluminium bifold doors 

Doors tuck away discreetly for maximum opening that integrates any two spaces.
•    Inside-stacking – bifold doors stack within the room when open
•    Outside-stacking - bifold doors stack outside the room when open
•    Right or left side stacking - bifold doors stack either inside/outside, but only to one side when open 
•    Split-stacking - bifold doors stack on both sides either inside/outside when open. 

A note about door locks, handles, hinges and hardware

Locks are integral to the security of any door and at Mr Misty installations we’re experts when it comes to locks on UPVC and composite entrance, sliding patio, French and bifolding doors. With years of experience in repairing and replacing locking mechanism emergencies, we ensure that all the doors we install have only the best and most reliable locking mechanisms, which are well-integrated, super secure and easy-to-use. 

There is always a large choice of door handles and hinges, but we concentrate on fitting the right ones for your property – and for you as the end-user. And when it comes to other entrance door hardware such as letterbox plates, knobs, door knockers, spy-holes and numbers, we’ve got that covered too with plenty of options for you to put your personal stamp on your smart new front door.   

Door Brochures

Download our composite door brochure, uPVC door brochures and aluminium door brochure below:

Sterns Comp Door Brochure
Composite Door Brochure
Vista Panel
UPVC Door Brochure
Composite Doors
Composite Door Brochure
Hallmark Composite
Composite Door Brochure
uPVC Doors Brochure
Aluminium Doors Brochure
 Maintenance Brochure


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