Decorative Glass Repair & Glazing for Interior Designs

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Do you have decorative glass in your home which is damaged or simply looking rather lack-lustre and showing its age? Perhaps you have always dreamt of grand interior designs? Decorative glass can transform your home, flooding rooms with additional natural or diffused light or often lend them a little more privacy without blocking out much-prized daylight.

Older, poorly fitting decorative glass designs may be letting in drafts, starting to rattle or are cold spots in your property because they are single glazed.

Changing the glass on your entrance door can give the look of your property an immediate makeover without the expense of a new composite door. With timber and composite doors, this can be achieved without compromising the security of the door when installed professionally using appropriate high quality laminated glazing.   

Glass Walls, Partitions, Panels & so much more

At Mr Misty we can repair, supply and replace double glazed decorative panels with decorative laminate glass across the following applications :

  • Exterior residential or commercial glazing
  • Interior residential decorative glazed panels
  • Interior commercial decorative glass walls
  • Decorative glass inset panels on composite doors
  • ‘Stained’ glass effect windows
  • Windows and façade glazing
  • Glass doors and framed doors
  • Fixed and sliding partitions
  • Shower and bath screens
  • Interior and exterior guardrails and balcony partitions

Older decorative glass in historic properties can be protected and even made more thermally efficient through the installation of secondary glazing.

Beautiful - but Safe, Secure & Privacy Conscious too

Beautiful glass does not need to compromise on quality. Safety, security, privacy, creativity - decorative glass in your home, office or business can have a whole host of uses and advantages.

Advances in glazing technologies have ensured that colour, obscured and textured glass can have the same high performance properties as clear double glazing designed for your windows and doors.

Safety first: At Mr Misty replacement double glazing, all the decorative glass which we install for interior projects and interior design features is rated A+ for your safety and security.

Privacy choices: Whether you need obscured glazing for your bathroom windows, for glass panels to separate rooms from open-plan scenarios or just to introduce a diffused light design feature, Mr Misty can help you choose the right glass option for you.

From classic to contemporary designs like waterdroplet, mottled, striped, satin or dotted lines, we offer a wide range of high quality laminated decorative glazing including patterned, frosted, textured and translucent glass.    

Each design has a privacy level from 1 to 5. Level 1 provides minimum privacy, without compromising light levels. Level 5 provides lower visibility whilst maintaining a relaxed and intimate atmosphere.

Because creativity counts: You’ll be surprised at how versatile glass can be. Beyond regular stock items, why not ask Mr Misty about how you can achieve your interior design goals? As well as toughened and laminated, glass can be backpainted, lacquered, silvered and sandblasted. 

Repairing and Replacing Glass in Composite Entrance Doors

Is your composite door glazed, half glazed or three-quarter glazed? Perhaps it has glass strips, shapes or portholes? Composite doors are made up of several materials, which, when combined correctly, provide beautiful aesthetics and a weather proof barrier to the elements.

Decorative glazing adds a really smart wow factor to front and back doors and can make a real statement. But when glass panels discolour, crack or break, they can have the opposite effect, making your home look shabby and unloved.

Most modern composite doors are constructed as their name suggests, by creating a sandwich of separate robust elements which are combined to make a reliable and highly secure entrance door. The glazing cassette can be replaced should the glass be broken, misted – or if you simply want a change without the expense of a new door.

It is essential that replacement composite door glazing cassettes and coordinated decorative side light windows are sourced and fitted properly by experienced specialists like Mr Misty to avoid compromising the strength and security of your door.       

Repair, renew, upgrade or introduce decorative glass in your property.

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