Patio Doors Repairs Ipswich, Colchester & Chelmsford

PVCU Patio Door Maintenance in Suffolk & Essex

At Mr Misty, we are specialists in fixing double glazed patio doors and offer double glazed sliding door repairs in the Ipswich, Colchester and Chelmsford areas. As well as servicing internal and external faulty PVCu patio doors, we have extensive experience in repairing timber-frame and aluminum sliding doors including bi-folding doors.    

If your patio doors are not opening smoothly or locking properly, there may be a problem with the rolling mechanism, tracks, locking handle or patio door alignment issues. Mr Misty offer a professional patio door repairs service, helping with maintenance tips and fitting quality replacement patio door parts.

PVCu Inline Sliding Patio Doors & Aluminum Patio Doors - Common Issues

At Mr Misty, we undertake patio door maintenance on residential and commercial sliding door installation of all shapes, sizes and ages. Issues which we encounter regularly when repairing inline slider patio doors, tilt and slide patio doors and aluminium sliding patio doors in the Ipswich, Colchester and Chelmsford areas include:

  • Dropped or dragging patio doors
  • Unevenly balanced sliding doors
  • Misaligned locks on patio doors
  • Jammed sliding door wheels or seized-up patio door rollers  
  • Damaged or scraped patio door track
  • Buckling sliding door running track on rotting wooden sills  
  • Loose locking handles
  • Sticking patio door multipoint locks


Patio Door Maintenance - Mr Misty Explains

First of all, it can help to know how inline sliding doors operate. The double glazed doors are designed to slide back and forth on in-set wheels, often called ‘rollers’ or ‘bogies’ along a patio door track system. Rollers are generally acrylic or steel. The track is metal, often aluminium.

Over the years development in materials and double glazing home improvement engineering has made these parts and systems increasingly robust. They can however deteriorate through wear and tear, lack of cleaning, by persistent incorrect use of the doors or forcing the doors when damage has already occurred.  

Rain, dirt and leaves are a real culprit when it comes to damaging patio doors. Any debris finding its way into the tracks at the bottom of the door can become an issue as it will work its way into the rollers. This can impede the wheels; tiny stones can rub and quickly cause damage or get trapped and lead to the patio door bogies jamming.

At Mr Misty, we advise brushing out the track to keep it clean every 4-6 weeks throughout the year and especially during the winter months .  

Get your patio door back on a smooth roll

It’s really important to act promptly if is there is an issue your PVCu patio doors or aluminium sliding doors. Little faults which can be easily and inexpensively fixed by Mr Misty’s professional repair teams could, if left, soon lead to longer term damage which may be costly to rectify. Here’s how one thing can lead to another:

Damaged Patio Door Wheels

  • Deteriorating or damaged patio door rollers cause the door to drag or become unevenly balanced. The door will get stiffer to use and difficult to close.
  • The lock will start to fail because the locking mechanism on the door and lock keeps in the frame will become misaligned.
  • This can damage the lock and even the frame over time, especially if extra force is used to close and lock the door.
  • The lower tracks may split from the uneven distribution of the patio door’s weight balance and the ensuing dragging effect. 


Damaged sliding patio door tracks

  • Jammed or deteriorating patio door wheels start scraping away at the metal track.
  • The track can split or break
  • If wood sills or thresholds are left unvarnished not regularly painted, they may rot. Similarly , concrete flooring under the track can crumble. In these scenarios, the weight of the sliding patio doors can cause the track to bend out of shape.

Mr Misty professional double glazed patio door repairers can survey your PVCu or aluminum sliding door system and clean or replace patio door wheels. Although we are unable to replace damaged track, if swift action is take to replace the patio door wheels, it can be possible to get your doors back in alignment and on a smooth roll again. 

We can also replace damaged patio door locks – find out more 

For PVCu inline patio door repairs and aluminium sliding door maintenance at competitive prices. Contact Mr Misty The Window Doctor for a free, no obligation quotation now.