Pet-flaps in Glass & PVCU Doors Essex

Expert Pet-flap installers in glass windows & pvcu doors Suffolk & Essex

Don't leave your furry friend out in the cold in Ipswich, Colchester or Chelmsford.

Mr Misty replacement double glazing specialists can install cat-flaps and dog-flaps in double glazed windows or in glazed doors as well as pet-flaps in timber and pvcu doors.

We install a range of high quality, robust pet-flaps to suit most sizes of pet including collar-controlled units and cat-flaps with remote programming facilities.

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Free to roam - safe to come home 

Pet-flaps can be a real convenience for owners as you no longer have to listen out for that tell-tale scabbling at the door and get up from what you are doing to let your four-legged friend in. But a pet-flap can give real peace of mind to both you and your pet too - micro-chip operated or collar key operated pet flaps not only let you regulate and monitor pet activity, but allow your pet to come back in the warm, safe in the knowledge that they won't be able to be followed inside. 

Cat-flaps in particular don't always to have be fitted into doors. If you live in an apartment, it may be more convenient for your feline to use a cat-flap in a window. For the safety of the pet, we think that only laminated safety glass is appropriate for the installation.

If the pet-flap is to be installed into a door of toughened safety glass, by its nature, the glass cannot be cut. We can however supply a new pre-cut pane to accommodate the pet-flap of your choice. 

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Mr Misty - Expert Essex Pet-flap Fitters 

It seems like a strange claim to fame, but at Mr Misty we are professionals when it comes to pet-flap fitting in Colchester homes. We'll make sure that there is no compromise of your property's security or its good looks for a start.

But more importantly in some ways, we know what questions to ask - and we know that you are the expert when it comes to your pet. Neither of us can lead your pet to water, but we can make the bowl accessible so to speak. You will know which of our carefully selected pet-flaps will be right for your pet and how they will take to using it.   


Mr Misty Pet-Flaps Colchester 

  • Cat and dog flaps available - fsizes: smalll, medium, large
  • Choice of two top-named brands - Sureflap and Staywell
  • High quality, robust systems
  • Easy to clean units
  • ‘Collar key’ micro-chip operated units
  • Controllable pet-flaps which use mobile apps 
  • Smart pvcu with clear, opaque or aluminium door flaps
  • 3 year warranty on pet-flap units
  • Colour selection (usually white / brown) 
  • Always installed as appropriately positioned as possible
  • Always securely fitted, safe and ready for use


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Enjoy peace of mind with a pet-flap 

A quality pet-flap installation by Mr Misty double glazing maintenance and repairs gives your pet real freedom and safety, whilst you are sure that your shared home stays warm and secure too.