Bi-folding Door Repairs Essex - PVCU & Aluminium

Mr Misty can help with repairing double glazed bi-folding doors in pvcu or aluminium in the Ipswich, Colchester and Chelmsford areas.

We can generally repair damaged bi-folding doors which have issues arising from wear and tear or lack of appropriate maintenance. If damage has been caused - as is unfortunately often the case - by poor installation, we can sometimes make slight ajustments to help. 

Bi-folding doors can be superb additions to your home, but their engineering is quite complex and needs professional handling. The units comprise of invariably large, heavy double-glazed doors with many interconnecting, moving parts to make them slide and fold away efficiently. 

In most cases, if your bi-folding doors have been correctly installed, Mr Misty has the expertise and access to clean or possibly replace most bi-folding door parts and get your units back on track.  

Poor Installation & Other Common Issues

Sadly, we find that many of the PVCu bi-folding doors and aluminium bi-fold doors which we are called out to survey and repair have been installed incorrectly, by people who are not double-glazing professionals with the appropriate experience. 

The most common root of damaged bi-folding doors in the Ipswich, Colchester and Chelmsford is bad alignment through incorrect installation which may see the system installed having an uneven surrounding frame or track.

This can immediately lead to a range of issues, often seen in bi-fold doors including:

•    Misaligned locks on bi-folding doors
•    Jammed bolts on the door folds  
•    Dropped bi-folding door units      
•    Broken bi-folding door wheels  
•    Damaged bi-folding door rollers
•    Scraped or scoured bi-fold track
•    Damaged or broken bi-folding door hinges  

Bi-folding Door Maintenance Ipswich 

It is helpful to understand how bi-folding doors operate. The double glazed doors are often large and heavy, but even the slimline aluminium frames are especially designed to be robust and engineered to take the weight and operate smoothly if installed correctly and used and treated appropriately.

The rollers or wheels run along track systems and highly engineered hinges are positioned to take the weight of the doors and allow them to fold right back against themselves, aligning perfectly as they go.    

To keep aluminium bi-fold doors looking great and working well, it’s good to care for their finish and paintwork by wiping with a damp cloth and use a little silicone spray on the door hinges and lock occasionally. 

It’s important to keep the track free of dirt, leaves and grit which might snag the running mechanism – a quick regular brush out should do the trick.  

Mr Misty can get your bi-folding doors back on track

Alignment issues in bi-folding doors are best rectified sooner rather than later, although if resulting from poor installation, sometimes it is not possible to rectify the problem and we may only be able to help alleviate the situation. At Mr Misty we can professionally survey your aluminium or pvcu bi-folding doors and if possible, we will take action before symptoms lead to more costly issues.  

We have experience of bi-folding door systems across a wide range of past and present manufacturers.

We stock or can source the right branded, quality replacement part whether its bi-folding door shootbolts, handles or bi-folding door key euro cylinder locks.

If you suspect that your recent bi-folding doors installation has not been fitted correctly by your builder, because you are beginning to experience faults and are concerned about issues leading to longer term damage to the performance and integrity of your bi-folding doors investment, please give Mr Misty a call - we will always be happy to help where we can.

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