Why do Windows Break? Emergency Glass Repairs Ipswich, Felixstowe & Stowmarket

What are the causes of broken windows in Ipswich, Felixstowe and Stowmarket, how quickly can you get them replaced and can you prevent your breakage from happening again? And who should you contact for emergency glass repairs in the area?

Experienced Suffolk glazing experts at Mr Misty, The Window Doctor, offer an emergency glass repairs service for Ipswich, Felixstowe, Stowmarket and beyond.

Perhaps it seems odd to ask why windows break – you’d think it was obvious. People would probably expect the most likely cause of a broken window to be a burglar or neighbour’s football. In reality though, only a fraction of broken windows needing emergency replacement in Ipswich, Felixstowe and Stowmarket in Suffolk are the result of attempted break-ins or intruders. 

Accidental damage is much more likely to be the culprit and that can come in all shapes and sizes from a stone chip thrown up by a lawn mower to a mega hailstone, through draught or even a child or pet.

Discerning the cause can help take preventative measures for the future and, when it comes to replacing the glass in your broken window to secure your property again, the type of glass fitted and the skill it is fitted with can make all the difference too.   

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Your broken window – What’s the cause?  

Working out what made a window break may be more – or less – straight forward, but when it comes to remaining safe in the future,  it can influence the immediate and preventative action you take. It is also particularly helpful when considering what glass or sealed unit should be fitted  to replace the pane.

An intruder? You would have undoubtedly checked the rest of your property, ensured that those in the house were safe and possibly informed the police at the time, but did you think why your property was targetted? 

Did you leave any ‘temptations’ on view or was it an opportunist? Is your property the only one in the street without an alarm system? Have others in the neighbourhood had break-ins or did they see anything suspicious?

Storm damage? Did overhanging branches or ‘loose’ articles in the garden contribute to the accident? Could anything be done to tidy things up or secure garden items, to cut back branches or vegetation and prevent a future occurrence?

A door or window slamming shut? If an old glass door slammed, causing the pane to break and send shards everywhere, you don’t want it to happen again. It’s worth ensuring that the replacement glass is laminated or ‘toughened’.  Fitting a door stop or hook might a helpful addition too so you can ensure access or ventilation without the worry of things slamming shut.

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Unexplained? It is possible for a double-glazed window to shatter or crack for no obvious reason. It can be a real shock, but it is rare. Factors behind this could be: 

•    Scratches, cracks or chips which weaken it 
•    The expanse of window glass - large scale windows have a greater chance of flexing and cracking.
•    A quick increase in heat or temperature can, on rare occasions, raise the pressure between the panes in double-glazed sealed units. 
•    A defect in the manufacture of the glass itself 
•    Poor quality fitting could be behind a window which breaks through being stressed by distortion of the frame

At Mr Misty we are very experienced glazing specialists, part of the Falcon Windows Group which has been trading to the highest standards of product quality and installation for nearly 40 years. 

We have clocked up countless quality installations throughout Ipswich, Suffolk and Essex and are very particular about our choice of glazing products. 

Why not see the quality and reliability of our Planitherm energy efficient glazing for yourself? Watch the video here 

Does your broken window compromise the security of the property? 

A shattered or broken exterior window will be an obvious breach to the security to your Suffolk home or business in Ipswich, Felixstowe or Stowmarket. But what if it’s only a chip or hairline crack which has appeared? Surely that’s not as bad?

Any chip or crack to a window - however small – undermines the integrity of the glass pane and is a real cause for concern as it may lead to the window breaking or shattering fully at any time.

In large windows the concern is even greater as there is immediately more scope for the glass to flex. Glass fitted to poorly installed frames which may move and distort through general use, will be put under pressures which it was not designed to withstand.    

It is important to ask the advice of a professional and experienced glazier like Mr Misty The Window Doctor as soon as you discover the slightest damage to glass in your windows or doors. Similarly, if your double-glazed windows or patio, bi-fold or sliding doors at your Ipswich, Felixstowe or Stowmarket property are not opening smoothly, shutting correctly or locking easily you could be risking damaging your double-glazing investment. 

Hinges, locks and handles should never be forced and never stiff or loose-fitting. Adjustment to locks, hinges and other hardware together with attention to failing gaskets and window seals can extend the life of your windows and doors. What’s more, whether caused through accidental damage or simple wear and tear, unsightly chips or knocks to UPVC window frames and doors can often be repaired.  

A little professional cleaning and maintenance, plus attention to scratches and potential glass damage on your double-glazed windows, doors or conservatory can be a sound move, enhancing the security and safety of your property and making your windows and doors  look like new again. Why not find out how Mr Misty Ipswich can help?

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